Irlen Assessment

The Irlen Assessment

The assessment process is separated into two testing sessions.  The first session is called the  Screening.  You will do various perceptual tasks with a certified Irlen Screener or Diagnostician.  The testing creates an awareness of the various distortions you are experiencing when reading, educates as to what a page should be like, and determines if your symptoms are slight, moderate or severe.  At this first session, we establish the color of the overlay (plastic sheet) which will provide the greatest benefit for reading. You will be given this overlay to take home to use when reading.  You will be able to see for yourself immediate changes and improvement when reading in one or more of the following skills:
• Reading rate • Flow and fluency
• Comfort • Tracking
• Comprehension • Sight vocabulary
• Sustained attention • Ability to skim or speed read
• Error rate
For those that the Irlen Colored Overlays improve reading, they go on for the second session,  Tint Assessment.  During the tint assessment, you work with different colored lenses to create your own unique color.  This color filters out your offending wave lengths of light.  Each person ends up with their own unique color.  By filtering only certain wave lengths of light, reading, attention, light sensitivity, headaches and other physical symptoms improve or disappear.
The color you will wear as lenses is usually different from the overlay color. Thus, do not tint glasses the same color as your overlay.  The overlay makes the page look colored.  With the Irlen lenses, the page will still look white; but the print will be clear, stable and comfortable.  Irlen lenses will not change the color of what you are looking at or make things darker.
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