Neuro Solution Lasers

12 Benefits of Using Neuro Solution Laser

  1. Enhancement of ATP production & synthesis, contributing to cellular repair, reproduction, and functional ability.
  2. Optimizing cellular regulation and performance by stabilizing the cellular membrane
  3. Stimulation of vasodilation, which is the widening of blood vessels to enhance transport of nutrients and oxygen to the damaged cells and facilitates repair and removal of cellular waste.
  4. Acceleration of leukocytic activity, which enhances the removal of non- viable cellular and tissue components. This allows for a more rapid repair and regeneration process.
  5. Increased prostaglandin synthesis, which is compounds in the body that have a vasodilating and anti-inflammatory action
  6. Enhanced lymphocyte response to better regulates immune activities.
  7. Increased formation of blood vessels and the regeneration of blood vessels.
  8. Increases the formation of proteins specific to accelerating the termination of the inflammatory process.(superoxide dismutase.) And decreases inflammatory proteins (C- reactive protein & neopterin.)
  9. Increase beta-endorphins to promote pain reduction.
  10. Increased nitric oxide production,  which has a direct and indirect impact on pain sensation. It is also essential for the normal cell action potential. Nitric oxide also can enhance nerve cell perfusion & oxygenation.
  11. Increased nerve generation & repair
  12. Normalizing nerve signal transmission. to better regulate all functions of the body.


Fully Programable and Easy to Use

The LZ30-Z is fully programmable.  No more hunting through manuals and painstaking entry of pulse frequencies.  Just scroll to the preset that you need and hit the button to start treatment. the LZ30- Z even has a "Favorites" section for easy access to your most frequently used presets.  Presets are fully customizable.

The LZ30-Z can store up to 500 presets that control every aspect of treatment, including the wavelength, power, pulsing frequency, and dose.  The LZ30-Z supports sophisticated treatment automation options such as periodic beeps and automated switch off.  Treatment presets can even include detailed instructions and readable from the built-in display.  As a software-based device, the LZ30-Z functionality and features expand over time.  That is why we have included the ability to upgrade the software via the USB-C connector.  All devices, not just the new ones, can take advantage of the latest features.  We are committed to serving our customers. That includes hearing their ideas, suggestions, and criticism, and using this information to produce a better device for everyone.


Cordless, Compact and Lightweight

Even though the LZ30-Z is the most powerful lasers in its class, with the greatest versatility and longest battery life, they are remarkably small and lightweight.  At just 5 oz. and 5.5" long, the LZ30-Z is also the lightest, smallest, and most comfortable of Class 3B lasers on the market.

Power Matters

Higher power means a specific dose can be delivered in less time.  This is particularly valuable when treating large areas.  In addition to their compact size, the LZ30-Z laser packs substantially more power than other known brand lasers such as Erchonia lasers and the Microlight ML830.  The LZ30-Z laser is 30 times the power of Erchonia's PL series and over 15 times the power of Microlight's ML830. Moreover, the power can be adjusted and lowered, if the practitioner is convinced that less power and more time is needed.

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NeuroSolution Avant LZ30-Z

Neuro Solution Cold Lasers

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"I have suffered from ocular migraines for decades.  While I have never experienced the pain of migraines, the vision impairments have been debilitating at times and can last for more than an hour. Floaters, spots and peripheral-vision-only can stop any planned activity.  I have now used Neuro Solution cold laser and Neorosage at the onset of symptoms with amazing results. During a single Neurosage session, the migraine episode is simply stopped, and I am able to continue with my day with no symptoms.  I have had the same positive results using Neuro Solution cold laser for 3 mins on each temple.   Use of these tools also seems to have reduced the frequency of my migraine episodes."

Sandy Rasch

Retired Design Engineer

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