Functional Neurologist, Educational Psychologist, Irlen Director, and Kinesiology Practitioner

Dr. Jeri LaVigne

With a Balanced Brain, you can experience Boundless Potential!

The brain controls the entire body and all of its systems.  An imbalance in the brain, especially an imbalance between the two hemispheres, can result in imbalances in every system in the body resulting in many different conditions.  When the brain is balanced, learning, behavioral and social issues begin to lessen.  Whether these imbalances begin in childhood or later in life they can be addressed and corrected, and then the potential is boundless!

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Over 30 years teaching children and adults how to better process information.

Once people understand how they process or do not process the vital information that they have to take in and understand,  Jeri works with them to fill in the gaps and help them acquire that information and process it more fully.
Our ability to successfully process information is important for so many reasons. Learning skills, study skills, written skills, oral skills… the list goes on.  All of these abilities are important if we are to take in the information bombarding us each day and use it effectively.  Whether there is a test to take, a report to give or a meeting to attend, we all want to be as productive and successful as possible.
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The Tools I Use For Brain Balance

Balanced Brain...Boundless Potential!

Irlen® Lenses

Where the science of color transforms lives.

Functional Neurology

Treatments for the brain without surgery or pharmaceuticals.


Digital technology that targets specific areas of the brain.

Neuro Solution

Cold laser healing light therapy.


Relax. Reboot. Revitalize.

Tap into your best self.

What People Are Saying

Balanced Brains - Boundless Potential!

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"The difference in my work quality and output is staggering!  It's like I can see and read for the first time ever."


Irlen Lenses

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"I thought that my life was over....My headaches have decreased, my thinking is clearer, and I feel less angry and frustrated."


Functional Neurology

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"I CAN tell you that using it for the past 3 weeks has been nothing short of life changing for me!  ...more hopeful, energized and full of life "



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"...positive results using Neuro Solution cold laser for 3 mins on each temple.   Use of these tools also seems to have reduced the frequency of my migraine episodes."


 Neurosage & Laser

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"I thought that my life was over....My headaches have decreased, my thinking is clearer, and I feel less angry and frustrated."


Brain Balance

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"..helped me move out of a place of chaos and create some structure and positivity in my life.  ...kind, straight forward, no nonsense approach"



Free Gifts from Dr. Jeri

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Finding Your Triad and Learning Style

Improve your relationship with yourself and others by finding out your learning style. 


Applying Your Style In Everyday Life

Understanding your learning style can change your life!


An Alternative To Fight/Flight/Freeze

Understand the brain and learn new ways to cope.


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