Effective Communications Workshops

Unlock Effective Communication

    Understand and Be Understood

  • Do your children’s eyes glaze over when you ask them to do something?
  • Does your spouse or partner tune you out when you are talking?
  • Are you frustrated when others don’t get your point?
  • Do you ever feel “on the spot” when presenting a new idea?
  • Ever feel like your boss does not listen to you?
  • Do you wish your employees were more effective?

Poor communication skills, disagreements and misunderstandings can be a source of anger and distance, while effective communication can be a springboard to stronger relationships and a happier future. Effective communication happens when we understand the six unique patterns of perception. Each one determines how an individual with that pattern absorbs, organizes, remembers and expresses information. In this workshop, participants learn to identify their own processing styles and the thinking patterns of others. By understanding their own perceptual styles, individuals can increase their self-esteem and relate to others who never seem to understand them.

This workshop will give you a greater understanding of your own processing style and how you think. It is important to understand the processing styles of other if you are asking for a raise, teaching, in a position of leadership, or trying to get your children to clean their rooms.

In a standardized and fragmented world of 6 + billion people, we all need inspiration to reach across the abyss that divides us one from the other. Come learn how to bridge the communication gaps that frustrate you. Unlock effective communication, understand and be understood.

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