“These glasses have changed my life!” ~Mallory

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My daughter Willow always hated reading from Kindergarten on. She also never wanted any books read to her as a toddler. She struggled through every grade level till we finally met Jeri LaVigne past November. She screened Willow and explained to us that she had what is called Irlen syndrome. When they were going through the colors to see which one would work for Willow her reading suddenly became fluent for the first time ever. It was like an instant little miracle. My daughter Willow went from a 2nd grade reading level in 3rd grade to a 5th grade reading level within about 5 months. Her impulse control has gotten so much better with her irlen filters and she states that they make her feel calmer. Her colors changed after about 7 months and the difference was very drastic once again. This showed me just how important it is to have the tints checked at least once per year. Willow is now able to tell us when things no longer look right b/c she now knows how they should look. We are very blessed to have these filters for her and can’t imagine life without them. She still states that she does not like to read but has read 5 chapter books with average of 250 pages each within the last 5 weeks. We never thought this was possible.

~Sandy Fowler Palmer


I have a nine year old son and last year we found out about Irlen and it truly saved his childhood. He is a very bright, intelligent, sweet child but couldn’t read and when he could he couldn’t remember what he just read. He constantly had headaches. He would complain about his stomach hurting and the light would just make him feel bad. We had him tested, he had tutoring. Nothing was working and no one had answers for us… It was awful watching our son struggle when we knew he was so smart. Dr. Jeri LaVigne tested him for Irlen. He tested positive and Jeri found the right color combination for his glasses. He started third grade and went from reading 32 words per minute to 108 within one week. Not only could he read it, he understood and remembered what he read. When his teacher called me with this news I literally started crying on the phone. He could finally read and all of his headaches and stomach aches went away. I am amazed at this diagnosis and how much it can change your life. I wish more people were aware of this and how amazing and simple it is. My son is going into the 4th grade and the thought of school work no longer scares him. I will forever be grateful to Dr. LaVigne and to the power of colored lenses.

~D. Grisham/Locust Grove Ga.


Irlen lenses have improved my life! The world doesn’t feel like it’s attacking me anymore. I’m 43 years old and I didn’t know that I’ve been under a visual attack for years. Anything WHITE (paper, computer screens, walls, appliances, lights) feels like it’s assaulting me without my glasses. When I first put them on (about a month ago), I realized what the world is supposed to look like. My racy brain feels calmer. I’m not as hyper, as intense, or as anxious. I’m so thankful to Irlen for helping me to see a world that feels less harsh.
~Another satisfied Irlen customer!
virginiaOur family journey into Irlen lenses started with Virginia, age 8, sobbing during homework. Through tears, she explained “It’s just too hard, Mommy. The words start shaking and then they dance. It’s just too hard.” The day that she got her Irlen lenses, she sat on the couch voluntarily and read a “Junie B. Jones” book for 45 minutes. I didn’t have to force her or threaten her with consequences to get her to read. She looked up at me through her cute pink glasses and said “it’s easier to read when the words don’t move.” Since Virginia has gotten her lenses, I’ve gotten a pair and my niece has also gotten them. Finding out about Irlen Syndrome has improved our lives.

~Georgia Fruechtenict/Parent to Parent of Georgia

“When my 8-year-old son was diagnosed with a Visual Processing Learning Disability, I was overwhelmed with how to help him. His psychologist thought that Irlen Syndrome might be causing it based on the results of his tests. He also observed him reading a chapter book. I looked at the information on the Irlen Institute website and I was somewhat skeptical that it could be causing so much of our son’s learning and behavioral problems. After we met Jeri Lavigne and she tested Brandon, I started to believe that it might help our son. Since we met at Jeri’s home office, Brandon was so relaxed and performed all of the tests without complaining. Jeri is great! She took a lot of time to test and observe Brandon before making the diagnosis that he has Irlen Syndrome, and identifying the correct color for his lenses. Although I believed that Irlen Syndrome was causing Brandon’s reading and learning difficulties, I was not convinced that wearing glasses with the Irlen colored lenses would make a dramatic difference in his behavior problems. After wearing his special glasses for about 3 months, we noticed such a difference in his reading, learning and behavior that we now believe it was causing the majority of our son’s problems.”

Thanks a million,
Desiree Buckner