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Jeri LaVigne, EdD, PhD has been working in the Atlanta area for more than 30 years helping children and adults reach their goals and dreams by teaching them how to better process information.
Once people understand how they process or do not process the vital information that they have to take in and understand, Jeri works with them to fill in the gaps and help them acquire that information and process it more fully.
Our ability to successfully process information is important for so many reasons. Learning skills, study skills, written skills, oral skills… the list goes on. All of these abilities are important if we are to take in the  information bombarding us each day and use it effectively. Whether there is a test to take, a report to give or a meeting to attend, we all want to be as productive and successful as possible.
The most important aspect of success as a learner is having self-esteem. What’s the fastest way to develop and increase self-esteem?
Well developed self-esteem is created by an individual building trust in his or her own mind so that he or she can accomplish what is meaningful in life. Using unique, innovative, science-based approaches to hemispheric brain balancing, dramatic improvement is achieved by persons with various issues like: ADHD, anxiety, depression, focus, headaches, academic issues, and emotional imbalance. Further, peak performance in athletics and personal development is also acquired with hemispheric brain balancing. Peak performance is a state that is also known as peak experience, the zone of optimal functioning and flow. It refers to a moment when an individual puts it all together, when that person is in the zone, when everything flows, and when he or she achieves exceptional performance.  Using Dr. Robert Melillo's work, Neuro Solution cold laser, Neurosage, Irlen, and a variety of other functional approaches in the most effective combinations yields measurable and sustained results.
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